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2000 Village Run Road

Suite 203

Wexford, PA 15090



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Great for all students, BEYOND BARRE is bursting with challenges that foster increased strength, body awareness and flexibility. With a commitment to safe movement, your instructor will be at the ready to provide modifications and hands-on adjustments. Walk away from class feeling taller, stronger, better defined and, most certainly, happier.


* 45 or 60 minutes


There's NO doubt this class promises a 45-minute, high power sweat session. With rigorous interval training (using light or no weights) and high-intensity* exercise, you'll:

  • Build cardiovascular fitness.

  • Improve muscular strength.

  • Extend your endurance.

* We invite you to take class at your own pace. This is YOUR class and we want you to take what you need every step of way. 


We're going far beyond barre with this interval training class, mixing calisthenics and body weight exercises with cardio and strength training. With a new workout every week, the incorporation of extremely effective equipment, and a continued focus on core, this class is choreographed for you to push harder and perform better. Oh, and it's so much fun! Highlights:

  • High energy / Low lights

  • Heavier weights for muscle mass

  • Functional training for long-term benefit

  • Self-paced

  • Fat-burning / cardio-healthy


Merging elements of Barre and HIIT, this class will refine, define, balance and burn. Yes, the pace is faster, but please know we invite you to make this, and every class, your very own -- taking from it exactly what YOU need!

* 50 minutes

Active Senior Couple

A class for all, Build + Restore offers the foundations of our Beyond Barre class, but with a slower pace and more stretching/fascia release. This class is a perfect fit for someone coming back from injury or with more sensitive joints (e.g. pushups are cued from the barre and participants transition between floor and barre less often). Don't be fooled -- like all classes at Studio Beyond, this class will foster deep body awareness, muscle engagement, and healthy weight-bearing exercises for denser bones.

Zumba Dancer

The balanced blend of Beyond Barre and Bootcamp, this class will define, strengthen and give your heart rate a boost. Expect 30 minutes of ultra-focused barre class PLUS a sampling of our Bootcamp Strength and Cardio stations. People are LOVING this combo course! 

* 45 - 50 minutes

Additionally, we offer several class series throughout the year. To learn more about our Teen Barre, our Kids' Movement Classes, and other special programs, go to our Events page. 


BOX + BEAT  |  Combine beat-heavy dancing, boxing, and energizing movement to walk away without words for this power-packed and uplifting experience.


registration and sign-in tips

We offer livestream classes for much of our schedule! Unlimited members can sign up for virtual classes at no additional rate. Otherwise, check out our pricing to grab virtual class packages at a discounted rate.


*Sign up at least 30 minutes in advance for virtual classes to receive the required class link in your inbox in time for class.


* If participating from a laptop, Google Chrome is the most effective browser. There is also a Mindbody Live app available through the App Store on Apple devices. 

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