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“Transitions are never easy, but can be a time of beautiful growth,” wrote a sage-like friend a couple weeks ago.


I’ve been avoiding the reality of this particular transition for longer than I’m willing to admit… but, with very little road left, it’s time to start carving a new path and find what beauty lies ahead.




Our team at Studio Beyond will be giving up our space at the end of the current lease. The last day of classes in The Village at Pine will be on Saturday, August 19th.





Class pack users: 

We hope two months provides you with enough notice to take advantage of your remaining pack’s classes.

  • If you run out of classes before August 19th, we’d be happy to sell you a pro-rated pack (quantity = your choice) at an extremely discounted rate of $14/class. Just email us at and let us know how we can help you. *Think you can make it to 10 classes by August 19th? Use promo code Save49 on our 10-pack to get 10 classes for $140.


  • If you’re concerned you cannot use the classes you’ve already purchased, we invite you to share your classes with a friend. To do this, just confirm your friends have accounts with us, with liability waiver signed (they can register here), and bring them to the studio . We will adjust your class count accordingly.



We’ll be pro-rating your July or August payment to carry you through August 19th. No action is required by you, other than joining us as much as possible to celebrate our friendships and our health together. I’ve been talking to owners at nearby studios and will be reaching out to you separately with free and discounted class opportunities for you to get your feet wet at other brick-and-mortar studios. Of course, I’m absolutely heartbroken about these upcoming changes, but look forward to exploring WITH YOU!





What appeals to you for the future of our Studio Beyond community? Are you interested in taking classes if I rent back space to accommodate several classes per week? Would you be interested in outdoor classes? Virtual classes? What do you think of retreats (local/half-day, weekend/easy drive or destination retreats). Please let us know what experiences interest you with this quick, 1-minute survey.





Clients and friends: 

Our team is so incredibly thankful for your friendship, your inspiring perspectives when it comes to wellness and your unconditional warmth. There isn’t an instructor or a staff member that doesn’t feel changed for the better after each and every class. We thank you for your commitment to help keep our happy place up and running for now over 10 YEARS!


On a personal note, I can’t imagine how life would have looked without the studio and everyone in it. I regularly cry happy tears when I think of the relationships forged within those walls. SO MANY amazing people have walked through our doors. My gratitude runs so very deep.


Instructors and staff:  

You know our studio is the wonderful, nurturing place it is because of you. Your commitment, support, positivity, kindness, sense of humor, easy smile, and so on—all reasons for my eternal appreciation. Thank you for years and years of blissful service.



Please know how hard this decision was for me. My hope is that we can carry all the good that has come out of the studio into our next phase as a community, however it may look. I am open to any and all ideas. 


Sending love and warm wishes to you,

Joanna and your entire team at Studio Beyond

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